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The Top 4 Enemies of Successful Women

The top 4 enemies of successful women are not what you think. It’s not other people but ourselves. We are our biggest critic. 1.Procrastination From the very beginning when you get your idea born, you start postponing the starting point of its fulfillment for

5 Ways To Become Motivated

Try these 5 ideas to boost your motivation: Connect to your WHY Figure out your HOW Study the most difficult material EARLY Use a timer to study smarter, not harder Treat yourself well for your efforts Idea #1. Connect to your WHY. The key

The 1 Tiny Life Changing Habit

The 1 Tiny Life Changing Habit The 5-second tiny life changing habit that made the biggest impact in my 2016 so far is actually a non-habit. Let me explain. I used to come back home in the evening, and fall asleep pretty late with a

5 Things Women Should Never Compromise

(1)    Never compromise who you are. Not for a man. Not for a friend. Not for your family. Not for your career. Always be true to yourself and everything will fall into place, no matter how scary that sounds! We all run thin trying

8 Daily Habits: How Women Make Themselves Better Everyday

  Your present reality is an outcome of the little, seemingly trivial, daily actions, decisions and choices. Every day consists of hundreds of such tiny commitments. The repeated ones constitute your daily habits, which might seem innocuous. However, the truth is that these are

Team USA Gives Gold Medal Worthy Advice

If there’s a group of people that can give us medal-worthy advice, it’s Team USA. BuzzFeed gathered members of the team together for a video featuring such advice, which includes everything from how to ignore haters, harness your passion, and stay motivated. We hear

15 Bullshit Lies That Women Tell Themselves

  It’s time to be brutally honest with ourselves. Here are the 15 lies that women tell themselves that get them nowhere. 1) “I’M TOO TIRED.” No you’re not! If you aren’t fainting on the spot, you’re not too tired. If you have had enough sleep,