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Fearless 3-Year-Old Donates Her Beautiful Hair

3-Year-Old Donates Her Hair Human kindness is a beautiful trait, it is christ-like, Buddha-like and compassionate, it is openhearted, we can try to be more loving, more giving and kind, really it all comes back to a childlike wonder, there is no separation in love. This story will make you weep, it will remind you

Top 3 Relationship Killers

Top 3 Relationship Killers 1 Being taken for granted. There is nothing more horrible than being in a relationship while constantly feeling lonely. The other person does not interact nor participate at all or even remotely at the same level. Prolonged periods of time doing this will definitely be a nail in the relationship coffin.

8 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Goal Driven Woman

She’s got so much going on that she almost appears too busy to date. If nothing else, she doesn’t have time for games. You certainly won’t find her playing hard to get: when she says she’s busy, she’s not lying—she actually has an obligation. But just because she’s independent doesn’t mean she doesn’t love to

Woman Buys Toy Store To Donate All The Toys To Children

Every year, Carol Suchman donates toys to some of New York City’s poorest children. Suchman told NY1 that she was walking past the shuttered Hudson Party Store in the city’s West Village and saw it was for rent. Inside, tons of toys, stuffed animals and school supplies.That’s when Suchman said she approached the store’s owner