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A Letter To The Man Who Was Not A Father To His Child

A girl’s first true love is her father. —Marisol Santiago You don’t love me by saying, “I love you” once in awhile. You love me by being there for me. You love me by making the effort to be in my life; to know me, to know what my dreams and passions are, who I love, what moves

16 Daddy Daughter Pictures That Will Melt Your Heart!

There’s no relationship quite like a daddy daughter relationship. Dads are a daughters first love. A good father will show his daughter how precious and special she is. He’ll be there by her side whenever she needs him. Fathers have a profound impact on their daughters’ lives. Here are 16 daddy daughter pictures that demonstrate

3-Year-Old Little Girl Explains Why She Gave Herself A Mullet

Three-year-old Ansleigh gave herself an epic haircut… a mullet. The way her dad handles it is absolutely perfect@ Her dad asks, “Why did you cut your hair?” She tearfully replies, “Because Jessica cuts it.” Dad points out “but Ms. Jessica went to school to learn how to cut hair.” Ansleigh says, “But I want to

Little Girl Has The Most Hilarious Excuse For Why She Painted Her Barbies

One little girl got herself out of hot water after explaining to her father in an adorable video why she broke the household rule of painting her Barbie with nail polish. “Sophie is one of those fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-girl, where she’s not worried about getting in trouble,” dad Joseph Nagorsk. “[My wife] pulled me aside and said