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Fearless 3-Year-Old Donates Her Beautiful Hair

3-Year-Old Donates Her Hair Human kindness is a beautiful trait, it is christ-like, Buddha-like and compassionate, it is openhearted, we can try to be more loving, more giving and kind, really it all comes back to a childlike wonder, there is no separation in love. This story will make you weep, it will remind you

People With Alzheimers Share The Memory They NEVER Want To Forget

Alzheimers Video: Memory I Never Want To Forget Alzheimer’s disease destroys brain cells responsible for memory, thinking and behavior. As a result, people living with Alzheimer’s or a related disorder may become disoriented and lost, even in their own neighborhood or places that are familiar to them – this is known as wandering. Due to

This Is How A Friday Night Turn Up Used To Look!

Friday night turn ups used to look a lot different than they look today. People would actually challenge one another to dance-offs. The battles were heated and everyone brought their best moves. I’ve got to admit I’m a bit intimidated by their dance moves. Today all we’ve learned is how to grind, twerk, and superman.

Women Of The World You Have A Voice! This Powerful Song Will Completely Inspire You

In support of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Lissie’s new song ‘Daughters’ is available for ‘pay what you want’ purchase from 1st – 15th March, with proceeds donated to charity: water. Click here to donate and get your download of Daughters – and help share the message with Thunderclap – On 8th March, Lissie will