How Goal Driven Women Organize Their 2017 Calendar

How To Plan 2017 Like A Goal Digger


Ever wonder how some women are able to accomplish all of their goals? Each year they hit it out of the ballpark. They somehow manage to work full-time, have great relationships, a healthy lifestyle, and a side hustle?

It’s incredibly inspiring but they’re not much different than you. They’ve simply discovered the art of strategizing their goals and organizing accordingly.

As the founder of Empowering Women Now, I’ve struggled to try to create a plan that works for me. I’ve studied women who are CEO’s, bloggers, mothers, influencers, side-hustlers, and identified 1 key component they all share – strategizing.

Don’t get a planner to plan out your year! First get a pre-planner to strategize your WHY.

For example, why is creating a blog post around a certain topic important? Do you do it because you see other people talking about it? Or will it actually help you reach your target audience? Will it funnel potential customers to your email list? These are questions goal driven women to ask themselves before writing it down in their planner. They write down relevant topics and create products relevant to their ideal clients.

If you skip this major step you’ll just end up busy and burned out. Remember that busyness is NOT an indication of success. You’ll find yourself doing tasks that don’t even align with your goals, but you’ll be too busy to notice it. Believe me, I’ve been there.

Here are some 5 tips I used to stay in the right direction:

  1. Think deeply about how your personal life and business life work together and enrich each other. There’s a reason they call our kind of work creating a “lifestyle business.”
  2.  Always begin your planning process with a positive focus. One great way to do this is by celebrating your wins. This is helpful because you CAN NOT create a depleted emotional and mental state. (And this goal-setting process IS creative work!)
  3. Start by identifying the “big rocks” — your most important and non-negotiable projects and activities — and putting them in place first. Then you’ll still have plenty of room to fit in smaller goals and activities. (It doesn’t work if you start with the smaller stuff — there won’t be any room left over to deal with the most important items.)
  4. Brainstorm the major business/career events that you want to achieve. For example, I’ve scheduled the product launches, community challenges or other promotions that I plan to do in 2017 for my business. This provides me clarity on what I need to focus on and when as well as a better prediction of my income for the year.
  5. Schedule weekly or regular activities that you will need to complete to move you towards your larger goals. For example, I’ve scheduled when I’m going to be publishing a blog post or video to my business. Although I haven’t yet determined exactly what each blog post is going to be about, I’ve given each date a general topic that I will be covering which feeds back to my ultimate goal.

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As a bonus I’ve even included major holidays in the US that women need to consider when planning their 2017 year. I’ve also included a content bank filled with the best 2017 content ideas for your business.