Smart Women Are Selective NOT Picky

Smart Women Are Selective NOT Picky

Smart Women are selective


Smart women tend to know themselves very well and know exactly what they want. They are strong mentally and understand they can depend on themselves.  They become much more selective in:

  • Selective in thoughts. They focus on the brighter side of the situation.
  • Selective in decisions. They never say yes to everything. Saying No is their weapon.
  • Selective in having friends. Two or three close ones for a lifetime. Why bother making friends who’ll obviously leave you in their next job switch :p
  • Selective in giving a damn. These are the ones who don’t give a rats ass to what the society thing about them.
  • Selective in the books they read. Why waste time reading desi romantic crap. We’ve seen a lot on movies.
  • Selective in watching movies. Going for a movie every weekend ain’t their cup of tea.
  • Selective in choosing a companion. They’ll never have a string of relationships. They would fall in love once, if it fails , they learn, but the next one is sure shot soulmate.
  • Selective in food. Health comes first.
  • Selective in work. They know which work to chuck, which work to take up and which with to handover to someone better.
  • Selective in choosing stuff. They never buy stuff just because everyone else is doing the same. They buy it if they love it. Period.
  • Selective in getting angry. The intelligent ones know when to lose their patience and when not to.

What are you selective in? Post your comments down below and empower other women!